Saturday, January 2, 2010

Want To Be A Gangsta ''Snippet''

Here is a preview of a new track PoohDaLini is working on titled, "Want To Be A Gangsta," Enjoy!

3 New Songs (All On Me, Mr. Good Wood & Dance With You) Preview & Download

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"All On Me" (Feat. B-Smeezee of CTE)

Mr. Good Wood

Dance With You (Feat. Amber Rose)


Stimulus Pack Mixtape Preview & Download

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01. Intro
02. Go Hard
03. Noy I'm Talkin' Bout
04. We Been Doin' Dis
05. Throwed
06. Bluntz
07. High
08. Wat's Jiggalatin' Mayne
09. Free My Niggaz!


Name: PoohDaLini

Music Style: Rap (Urban/Hip-Hop, Gangster, Dirty-South, Lyrical)

Moods: Confident, Laid-Back, Energetic

Favorite Quote: “I'm just doing what I do best and that's what makes good music, and that's how you can relate to people.” -Snoop Dogg

PoohDaLini grew up motivated by peers. He was influenced by the likes of bone Thugs N Harmoney ,UGK ,Twista,Busta Rhymes, Outkast and Ludacris. Before moving to Atlanta, Georgia to pursuit his love for music, Poohdalini grew up on the hard streets of Shreveport, Louisiana and the fast streets of San Diego California. Even as a teen, Poohdalini had the timing and delivery skills that engaged the crowd in the first few bars. But like most young men in the South, Poohdalini began to feel the pressure of living in the hood (neighborhood) - which led to some poor choices.

However, that all changed when Poohdalini felt the adrenaline rush from the crowd during his first live performance in the 7th grade at lunch time , That experience motivated the young lyricist to leave the streets and concentrate more on perfecting his natural talent.

“I believe I bring a unique style to the music industry in the South with my positive messages and commitment to not glorifying material wealth. I’m not afraid to tell kids to do the right thing in my lyrics”, explains Poohdalini with the same passion he brings to the stage.

Well known on the independent music scene in Atlanta, this Southern rapper has performed at The Gate along side of Yola The Great and Young LA, on City TV and recently featured on Hot107.9’s Battleground and now is focusing on the national level.

Upcoming promo dates and events for his upcoming projects will be listed on his face book, twitter and myspace. (All contact info listed below)

Antonio Pipkens (404)447-5472